Check out some awesome reviews of Bad People

“ I have always loved Cards Against Humanity but this game tops it for sure!! From the beginning of the game when people pick their identity cards to the end when you get to see all the cards everyone has won, this game is pure genius!! ”

~ Alicia

“ If you're like me and have friends that enjoy twisted and hysterical humor, you need this game in your life! ”

~ Sean O.

“ This game is epic! Best drinking game I've ever played. You learn some highly inappropriate things about your friends and family! Of course, they learn some things about you too! I'd give it 10 stars if I could! ”

~ Jessica

“ If you like Cards Against Humanity, you will love this game! It is raunchy and hilarious! Each player gets a voter card and each round, your objective is to vote on the player that you think the Dictator will vote on, based on the card in play. If you're looking for a game that will have you cracking up from start to finish then BUY THIS GAME! ”

~ Kristen Pratt

“ This game is hilarious! Make sure everyone you're playing with has a sense of humor and get ready to laugh your butt off. You'll also probably find out things about your friends that you didn't know before, especially if you got the NSFW expansion pack. The rules are simple to understand, even if you've had a few cocktails prior to opening the box for the first time. ”

~ William W.

“ Family LOVED playing this game. Really brought everyone together to share a TON of laughs! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Love this game!!!! The laughs are endless and it's a endless fun. ”

~ k.schonebaum

“ Beyond Recommend! I bought the game in hopes for something new for game night, what I got was WAY MORE! To say this game is wicked funny is an understatement, it has brought my friends and I to tears multiple times. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ This is seriously one of the bear games I've ever played..if you like cards against humanity.... you'll love's hilarious!! ”

~ Annabanana3703

“ BUY IT! Very fun game. Big hit on game night. ”

~ David Davidson

“ This game has us rolling every time we play. Gameplay is very simple and the cards are hilarious. If you and your friends are the type who enjoy games like Cards Against Humanity but you're in need of some variety, this is the game for you. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Love this game! Played it with friends and we all had a lot of great laughs! So we played agin with more friends, and guess what - and more laughs! This seriously needs to be a part of everyone's game collection! Really, you should buy it today. 😂😂 ”

~ Stacy M. Ford

“ One of the funniest games I've played hands down! I'll definitely be investing in expansion packs! There are so many hilarious scenarios, like being asked who's most likely to give their partner an STD, so you vote for your loyal husband to strategically keep everyone else from winning!!! The look on his face.. Priceless!! ”

~ AmazonCustomer

“ Pretty fun party game! Sort of like the same concept as Cards Against Humanity, just 10 times as vulgar, but instead you are directly picking what friend applies to each card. With that being said, I would never play this with people I am extremely close and comfortable with lol. Definitely not a game to play with family. Extremely crude and vulgar, but I enjoyed it! :) ”

~ Ashley

“ What can I say about this game... besides the fact it is one of the best party games I have ever introduced to my groups of friends!!! I loved every second of playing this game! I would preface every game with this simple phrase, "no hard feelings". After that all bets are off! You find out how everyone else sees you with this game! I was super iffy about playing this with some of my more religious friends, but boy am I glad I did! Now I know which of them want to try anal bleaching! What does one do with that knowledge you may ask? Laugh, and laugh some more. At the end of the game you can truly find out who in your group is the baddest person. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes irreverent games like Cards Against Humanity. You can easily turn this into a drinking game if you so desire. This game had a lot of thought and hard work put into it. I'm glad I supported the Kickstarter for this game. I intend to buy several copies come Christmas time to give out as gifts. Five out of five stars. ”

~ Michael

“ Absolutely hilarious, definitely not "politically correct", but neither are my friends and I! I hope they come out with new cards that can be added to the game!! ”

~ Pearl1030

“ MUST have for family game night. Really really fun game! Played it with my in-laws this weekend. Everybody had a blast. Not suitable for children by any means! We played multiple game variations and everyone was hysterical ”

~ Aaron Jasso

“ Order now you won't regret it! This game is so much fun! If you like cards against humanity then you will love this. The best part is all the stories people tell after drawing a card. Definitely recommend and I hope they come out with some expansion packs ! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Lol, this game is tons of fun and will have you laughing for hours. Or maybe crying. Everyone should own this awesome game. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Hilarious game! Soooo much fun. I played with my siblings and it was an absolute blast. ”

~ Molly McHojat

“ Such a funny game!! We laughed so hard, we almost cried! Highly, highly recommended!! :D ”

~ Jeff

“ This game is amazing. And horrible. It's horribly amazing. I've never seen a group of people look as horrified to make hard choices as my friends did the first night we played this....and yet we kept playing. ”

~ erin hrestak

“ I received this game as a birthday gift from the creator. Let me say, it lives up to it's claim. The box is compact which is great for those already packed shelves of games. The laughs start as soon as you begin Step 1; choosing your identity! The game is easy, fun, and can be a quick play (we played first with only three people). The printing on the cards is large enough that mom didn't need her reading glasses, which we all considered a plus. I can see how having more people participating would make the game more fun. We did feel that in 3 player mode, you should be able to vote for yourself when you are the dictator. Overall it is a really fun game, super easy to play, and produces many good laughs. WARNING: Do not play with those who are easily offended, or can't laugh at themselves. ”

~ Baltimore Blue Jacket

“ Very fun game! It gets requested at every game night. ”

~ Jennifer

“ We played this game for the first time this weekend. We ALL LOVED IT. We laughed so much. I gave it 5 stars. There should be some kind of stand so every one can see who every one else is supposed to be. Great job! ”

~ Cristie

“ Fun party game. Learn more then you want to know about other people. Vary inappropriate but worth it. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Love this game! Lots of laughs! Seller is great! I'm so happy with this purchase! ”

~ Leah M. Straub

“ This game is absolutely hilarious. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Best game for adults and good friends ”

~ Charles

“ By far the best game I have ever played in my life! I played with a large group of friends and luckily none were easily offended. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a fun alternative to your standard adult card game. So fun!!!! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ This is my new favorite game to play with friends! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ I bought this game a few weeks ago on a whim because I saw a post about it on Facebook. Hubby & I played it a couple of days later with 2 other couples for our bi-weekly dinner/game night & were all close to tears of laughter. So much fun! My only disclaimer is to make sure everyone agrees ahead of time that it's JUST A GAME & no one should take it too seriously. Do not play with anyone who is easily too offended lol! This group of friends had a great time with it, but I could see super sensitive people getting their feelings hurt. I however thought it was hilarious & well worth the 30 bucks! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ The BEST game you NEED to own! If you love cards against humanity you will love this game more! With bad people you have to identify the people you are playing with instead of just filling in the blanks. We just played the other night and it was a couple of hours of awesomeness, apologies and finding out how people really see you....but tons of fun. I would recommend to everyone! ”

~ Erin Ginn

“ Really fun ”

~ Jarad

“ I played this game with a group of good friends who spent the night insulting and belittling me for not being bad enough. Things went a lot better after a few fatal beatings were administered. Great fun! Who's a bad person now? ”

~ Geigs

“ So much fun!!! Had a group of 8 play and you really get to see what your friends truly think lmao!!!! Highly recommend this game! ”

~ Tyler Harper

“ Finally had a couple people over to play this game a few nights ago and it did not disappoint! We laughed, we cringed, we hollered and we clearly are too old (late 40's) to know all of the latest "bad" things. Haha! We play CAH a lot and were looking for a change and I'm glad we decided to go with "Bad People." Looking forward to playing again and again! ”

~ Al Spina

“ High recommend! Recently bought this game thinking it was another "cards against humanity". Boy, was I wrong. We had so much playing this we lost all track of time, and cannot wait for our next game night! I high.y recommend it ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ I first heard this product on facebook and shared it with a friend for our many late night bbq's, they company quickly responded its one of the reasons why i went ahead and purchased it. we have many laughs with this game... i recommend this at any given time ”

~ Kenny H.

“ Bad People - The Party Game You Probably Shouldn't Play]] We played the night we received it from Amazon! We also ordered the Bad People NSFW Brutal Expansion Pack (80 Cards). HA! Now I know what my adult children assume about me. The little jerks know me too well! Awesome game! Having friends over to play this weekend! ”

~ S Hill

“ Bought this to play for a friends birthday party and was definitely not disappointed. It had us all laughing for hours. If you like Cards Against Humanity then you are absolutely going to love this. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ The most hilarious and easy to play game ever! I highly recommend this legendary game!! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ So much fun!!! ”

~ Lora

“ Very offensive to the point you can't stop laughing at each other. It is much more hardcore then Cards against Humanity and a new hit with my friend group. Always happy to find a new edgy game to whip out at parties. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ Love this game!! The makers are awesome people too!! Sent me a copy of the game super quick and we played it this weekend and had a great time playing it!! Well worth the buy!! ”

~ Pleased Mommy

“ Next level compared to CAH. We broke it out this past weekend and everyone had a lot of fun with it. Will definitely cause the more sensitive types to loosen up a bit. Mix in a couple of drinks and the mud starts slinging. Good times! ”

~ Christopher Sommer

“ Great game! According to the game questions.. I need more bad people as friends lol ”

~ Rosalyn

“ I heard about this game from friends. So I purchased it on there recommendations. I'm not not normally the board/card games type of person so I wasn't sure about It. This game totally exceeded my expectations from the first time I played It. The most fun I have had in a long time. This game doesn't hold back, perfect party and drinking game. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ This game is so fun! It made for a great party game. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ That much better than Cards Against Humanity. Outing your best friends publicly. What more can you ask for? ”

~ Ryan

“ My daughter bought this game and I borrowed it for a Game Night with friends. What a fun game! Better if you REALLY know the people you are playing with. Highly recommend this game for your adult game night. ”

~ Sara Whitworth

“ Okay, here's the deal. I played this at a party not long ago and laughed so hard. It popped up on my FB and I rated it 5 stars cos it was so fun. Not long after that-- the game creator personally reached out to me to thank me for my 5 star review. Asked me a couple questions about the game, what I liked, etc. I told him I didn't own it just played with friends a few weeks ago. He asked my address and sent me a copy of the game ON THE HOUSE. I was floored! In all my years of buying things online no one has ever reached out to me regarding my purchase and asked for suggestions, let alone send me something for free just for "sounding like a pretty cool person!". Top notch customer service- this dude really cares about the customer experience in the long run. Absolutely can not wait to host my own game night! ”

~ Kayte

“ Really really funny - not for the overly sensitive or faint of heart! Don't play with your parents - or your kids. Best played with friends plied with alcohol. I laughed so hard I hurt for a few days! ”

~ L Quirk

“ Hilarious!!! ”

~ Dana

“ The party game you SHOULD play ! I produce and star in a little show on YouTube called "Factory Boys Live," where we get together a couple times a month and just play games and do some improv or ad-libbing. Last year we were given the opportunity by the maker of Bad People to do an advance playthrough of the game and we couldn't have been more excited to get our hands on it. The game was an instant success, a blending of Cards Against Humanity-esque humor with the premise of the Voting Game: you're asked a question about a hilariously horrible scenario and each person takes turns voting on which player they think would carry that out. In our playthrough, one of our favorite cards was "Who's most likely to gain weight after marriage?" as it opened the door to exploit fat jokes for our dear friend Jeff lol. All in all, Bad People is an incredible game and it only got better with the NSFW pack. If you're like me and have friends that enjoy twisted and so bad it's hysterical humor, you need this game in your life. ”

~ Sean

“ This game was awesome! Night was full of laughs! We just ordered the additional pack of cards too so can't wait to play many more times ”

~ Marianne Folloni

“ Brilliant game, loads of fun. ”

~ Paul W.

“ A new standard for party games. This game is hilarious. Loads of fun. I enjoy it more than cards against humanity and i love that game. ”

~ Christopher

“ One if the funniest laugh out loud great games to play with your friends. Just handing out the ID cards was awesome. P.s.just saw the expansion pack going to order it. ”

~ Jessica Davis

“ Absolutely a blast to play with your friends! Just make sure you got plenty of drinks and people who can take a joke and you'll have more fun with this than any other game of its kind. ”

~ Will

“ Hilarious game to throw your friends under the bus! It was a lot of fun! ”

~ Kellier56

“ Gameplay: Bad People is a Voting/Party game. There are 10 Identity cards that players will have to choose from. Each player will get their Identity Card, their set of voting cards, and a Double Down card. Depending on how many people are playing each player will remove their voting cards that correspond with the Identities that are not being used and set them aside. The first player will read a card from the deck. The person who reads the cards is known as the Dictator. The Dictator will read off a card and vote for the player that they think is most likely to match the description/statement on the card. The Dictator will not vote for themselves. Once everyone votes, the Dictator will reveal their choice and so will everyone else. Points are scored for the Dictator and anyone who matches who they voted for. If no one matches the Dictator, then there is a chance for a general consensus score. If a majority of people voted the same they will all get a point. During voting players can use their Double Down card to gain an extra point. If a player uses their Double Down card one of two things can happen. If their answer scores a point they get 2 points and their Double Down card back or their answer doesn’t score and they lose their Double Down card. Either way players will play to 7 points or any other amount depending on how long they want their game to be. Yes/No Recommend: First off, I will say that this is a very ADULT game. This game put Cards Against Humanity to shame when it comes to Adult content and themes. If you like the humor of CAH, then this will make for a nice switch-up game for your group. My play-testers and I enjoyed this game a lot. It is very graphic and the fact that it is very graphic is probably the main reason I put it above CAH. I even recommended to the creator that, this game could easily have a sequel that is more family friendly and they could call it Good People. The concept is great. As I mentioned above they have switched out some of the cards, probably due to repeats and complaints. The only complaint I heard from my players was that there were too many Blank cards. The blank cards are obviously for you to make up your own cards. Please have an imagination when playing this game and make some of your own cards. ”

~ Game Gumshoes

“ Finally got to play the game last night with a few friends. We had so much fun laughing and making fun of each other. I will say it would definitely be more fun playing with close friends or people you've known a really long time. You do risk offending people you may not know very well but as long as everyone has an open mind and can take a joke, it's all good! I really liked the card quality and the raunchy pictures on the identify cards are definitely NSFW (so beware any kiddies in the room/area). The rules were simple and you can quickly jump into a game without much explanation or any confusion. Mike created something pretty awesome! Everyone should buy this game so he'll be motivated to make some expansion packs! :) ”

~ J.K

“ Great game for adults that can accept the cold hard truth! Designed so that each round lasts the right amount of time. Recommend this game be enjoyed with some adult beverages. ”

~ buffyokc

“ The questions are pretty funny and watching everyone's reaction is hysterical. I brought this game to a "girls night" and we were laughing for hours! The questions are pretty funny and watching everyone's reaction is hysterical. Be warned though you cannot be sensitive playing this game, just enjoy the badness of it! ”

~ Beth V.

“ My friend brought this game for a dinner party. It is so much fun! We had a group of eight and played several rounds throughout the evening. Very funny, very inappropriate game with a great design. You learn so much about your friends and perceptions. My wife surprised my with my own copy, and we bring it out any time we have game nights. It really gets people talking and laughing. Highly recommend. ”

~ Joseph Lahiff

“ Got mine two days ago and played today! The identity cards alone are twisted and it's def not for the weak! Be prepared to find out what your friends really think about you! CAH dogs everybody. BP points the finger...and it could be at you! If you're looking for a great party or game night game, this one is it! We had a blast and can't wait to play again...Minus a couple of weak links! ”

~ M.N.

“ Stupid fun! ”

~ Heeblet

“ I bought this game when it was on Kickstarter and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I like supporting new ideas. I had a few people over and we decided to finally open it. O.M.G. This game had us crying and laughing so hard our sides hurt! So much fun, but definitely not for the weak of heart or easily offended. Some of the identity cards alone require that kids are kept far away. If you enjoy the crude and rude or if you've had some "questionable experiences" in your life, this is definitely the game for you! ”

~ Liz

“ My new favorite game....It's hysterical! Definitely kept the minors far away but the adults had a blast. the best part was when you try to defend yourself or your pick. this game will be a party hit all summer long ”

~ Carrie Richards

“ This is a really fun (kind of raunchy) game to play with friends (not so much family) but we had a great time with lots of laughs. ”

~ Jet Black Heart

“ This game is really fun. Don't get offended!! That's just the way the game works. Have fun with different groups of friends and laugh at the results. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ I backed this on Kickstarter and it is an wesome game! We had so muh fun playing and eventually ditched the rules and started voting on who best fit each question card. ”

~ Nichole

“ Amazing and Hilarious game! I ordered the game off of the kickstarter campaign. I have a lot of adult themed games and we play with our friends any chance we get. So far every time we have gotten this game out, it has been a big hit! Defiantly add this to your crude humor game collection!! ”

~ Linas

“ Bad People is a hoot! Grab the alcohol and prepare for a good time ... just be careful who you play it with, because it definitely isn't for acquaintances, a politically correct group of people or even family! ”

~ Amanda

“ Forget about Trump, forget about ballistic missles and ISIS. What you need is M.O.A.G the Mother Of All Games! This hilarious game is an equal opportunity offender and no one goes unscathed. It's so much fun! I've played with both friends and strangers and everyone had a great time. You will walk away laughing while simultaneously licking your wounds. ”

~ Heba

“ I played this with friends at a BBQ last weekend and WOW!! It was so much fun and if you don't know everyone really well, now you do! It was too much fun and will be the next big adult party game!!!! ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ If you like CAH you will enjoy this as well. Best with players you know and unlike a lot of games this is better with more people. Can't wait for more expansions! ”

~ Sylvia V.

“ I just bought this a week ago and had the chance to play 3 rounds of it so far. If you've ever played "Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid" and enjoyed it, you will love this game! It's similar in how it plays, but has so much more involved. Instead of the Judge, or Dictator in "Bad People", selecting who would receive the white question card, everyone gets to vote on who they think the Dictator would chose. Then all the votes are revealed and instead of just one person determining who would receive the card, like in "Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid", in "Bad People", the entire table might chose the same person. When this happens, it is just hysterical that everyone collectively thinks that Jimbob "would be most likely to be childhood friends with Hitler." Let the fun begin! ”

~ Shawn Bausher

“ The game you need to get! This was so much fun to play. Grab as many people as you can and out you big girl pants on! If you are sensitive stay away! This game is NOT for you! Its easy to set up and play. ”

~ Cassie

“ I loved it!!! Great party game for adults! We laughed for hours. Definitely funnier than cards against humanity! ”

~ Bianca Castillo

“ Best game ever. Probably one of the best games I've come across to play with my friends. We've all had many questionably awesome night playing this game forgetting what time it is and realizing we've played all night. Can't wait for more from this game to be added. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ We love this game! Every time we have friends over we play. We laugh the entire time! LOVE IT!!! Must have adult party game!! ”

~ Megan Brown

“ Definitely something you need to do with close friends. When you have a group of strangers, its not as much fun cause you need to seriously know your opponents. Great game! Alot of Laughs and very adult lol ”

~ Kent Foster

“ Hour of great fun. Easy to learn. Outrageous questions. Definitely and adult game. We're saving the expansion deck of cards for next get together. ”

~ Muddler3

“ Hilarious game. They need an expansion with more identity cards though.. lol. ”

~ Steve Goulette

“ This game is awesome and although I did not buy it directly from Amazon it was given to me as a gift so I had to write a review it was that great of a game! Honestly if you enjoy cards against humanity, but find it getting boring then you haaaave to try this game! Trust me when I say it isn't for people who can't take a joke or get a little raunchy. It's all in good fun and definitely for adults. If you need a new game I swear you won't regret buying this one. It's so bad but so freakin good I love it! Play it sober or after a few drinks, either way it's awesome. ”

~ Elena Alvarez

“ My group of friends had exhausted cards against humanity and were looking for something different. We were lucky to stumble upon bad people. I didn't know I was the most likely to be a serial killer in the group. ”

~ Dave Palm

“ Put the kids to bed, pour some drinks and enjoy. ”

~ Amazon Customer

“ OMG! This game is hilarious. I was not expecting this. Bad People is edgy and creative. I'm so glad I bought it. ”

~ David

“ I thought for the price point why not give this a shot. I was excited to see that my friends and I enjoyed more that cards against humanity. Well worth it, especially compared to the other games on the market. ”

~ Blake

“ Absolutely Hilarious! This game really gets you involved with the rest of the group you’re playing with. Can (and probably will) be quite raunchy! Certainly keeps you entertained and a game I would highly recommend for a party night with your friends. ”

~ MHierlihy

“ Best drinking game ever! Love it! Just when you think it can't get any better, the next question either shocks you or makes you laugh! ”

~ Elbie Pretorious