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Find out what your friends really think about you in this hilarious and brutal voting game!

  • Most likely to secretely run a meth lab?
  • Whose funeral will have the smallest attendace?
  • Who would be the worst phone sex operator?
  • If we were all police officers, who would be the dirty cop?
  • Most likely to join a cult?
  • Most likely to laugh if they saw a blind person trip?
  • Least likely to be a target for identity theft?

Laughing, crying, screaming, drinking and being a jerk is not only accepted - it's encouraged.

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  • Where can I buy Bad People?
  • Bad People is available worldwide via our website here

  • How do I play Bad People?
  • Read our How To Play section here

  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
  • Yes, please fill out our wholesale inquiry form and we will get back to you

  • I’m pretty sensitive and I get easily offended. Will I get upset playing Bad People?
  • You sure will. Have you considered changing your personality?

  • Have friendships or relationships actually ended because of this game?
  • So far no friendships or relationships have actually ended that we know of. But, we have seen some sensitive players get a little upset, it’s hilarious to watch. It’s just a game!

  • Can I play this game with my family?
  • There’s a good amount of sexual content, so if you’re comfortable finding out who gets the most aroused watching midget porn, who’s most likely to lose their virginity in a bathroom or trying to explain to your Mom what cock blocking means go for it lol.

    But, hey, you might be part of one of those over-sharing, progressive, new-age families with no boundaries….awesome!

  • Is there a free version?
  • There sure is! You can download our free print and play here.

  • This seems kinda similar to Cards Against Humanity, how is it different?
  • Bad People is more brutal! In Cards Against Humanity you're given pre-written answer cards. In Bad People, instead of answer cards, you have to vote for your friends who are playing the game with you......ouch! If you like Cards Against Humanity, you're going to love Bad People.

  • Will you offer expansion packs in the future?
  • Hell yeah!! Join our mailing list to stay up to date on new products.