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  • Where can I buy Bad People?
  • Bad People is available worldwide via our website here

  • How do I play Bad People?
  • Read our How To Play section here

  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
  • Yes, please fill out our wholesale inquiry form and we will get back to you

  • I’m pretty sensitive and I get easily offended. Will I get upset playing Bad People?
  • You sure will. Have you considered changing your personality?

  • Have friendships or relationships actually ended because of this game?
  • So far no friendships or relationships have actually ended that we know of. But, we have seen some sensitive players get a little upset, it’s hilarious to watch. It’s just a game!

  • Can I play this game as a drinking game?
  • Yes, there are optional drinking variants for the game that are awesome.

  • Most likely to secretely run a meth lab?
  • Whose funeral will have the smallest attendace?
  • Who would be the worst phone sex operator?
  • If we were all police officers, who would be the dirty cop?
  • Most likely to join a cult?
  • Most likely to laugh if they saw a blind person trip?
  • Least likely to be a target for identity theft?

The adult party game
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Ages 17+ 3 - 10 Players 20 - 60 Minues Gameplay How to Play